About us

Established in 2001, Pantra LLC. has recently relocated to modern, spacious offices, with a loyal, hardworking staff who provide a full range of services including reception/shipping documentation/bookkeeping. Because of the extensive range of suppliers and customers worldwide,

Pantra LLC. have constant exposure to developing market trends/technology.  This, combined with the company's present export knowledge ensures that quality control, export documentation and shipment are of the highest order.  It guarantees that goods are bought from first class suppliers, the best possible prices are obtained and the quickest possible delivery is guaranteed whether it be within America, Europe, Middles East  and Asia.    

Pantra LLC. deals with the most important bank in South Florida - TotalBank

Pantra LLC. is content to remain at its present size, ensuring personalised service for every customer and concentrating on the provision of top quality products for its export market.  Versatile, flexible,mobile and highly customer focused, the company is well equipped and always willing to embrace new products. Overseas enquiries from large and small business enterprises are welcome, and a response is assured within 24hours.